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Buy vs Build: The Case for Buying RAS (Risk & Analytics Systems) Data Integration Highway

When asset management firms deploy new systems, they will typically develop a new data integration solution internally.  This is driven by tight deadlines, limited budget, available resources and business ‘attention’ to the delivery of the overall project.  This creates a series of ‘quick wins’ which satisfies the headline business priorities of the day but the cumulative effect of these internal patches creates an operational data management function that is:

RAS Data Integration

Most of today’s Risk & Analytics Systems ‘RAS’ such as Barclays POINT have data integration solutions that were built internally. They were purpose-built to meet specific requirements at a point in time. It made sense at the time. Vendor solutions in this space did not exist. Until now.

Business is dynamic. Requirements change as new instrument types are purchased, new funds are launched, new strategies are developed, unplanned acquisitions & divestments occur, and new systems need to be incorporated into the overall infrastructure. or partially outsourced as the case can be.

Let’s face it, internally built data integration solutions quickly age and become unfit for purpose.

So, we need a solution that can keep up with the dynamics of the business and systems landscape. Remember when you used to build your own trading or portfolio accounting platform et al. You don’t do that anymore, you buy one.

Vendor based solutions cost less to maintain, offer continual maintenance and upgrades, and significantly reduce operational risk & costs.

The time has come for a RAS Data Integration Highway. Why?

1) Reallocate your talented IT resources on new value add and proprietary initiatives adding to bottom-line.

2) Ensure your software is up-to-date as RAS vendors update their systems or you migrate to new RAS systems (e.g. POINT transition in light of Bloomberg acquisition)

3) Reduce your operational risk by eliminating the plethora of manual operational process post upload/feed.

4) Maximize the use of your RAS systems from a portfolio modeling, risk management and client reporting perspective

Vendor solutions provide a scalable operational infrastructure that reduces operational risk & costs and frees resources for your high value initiatives.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about the KTier™ intelligent investment data highway solution and RAS connectors.


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