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Create a Middle Office Operational Command & Control capability in your organization. The most difficult aspect of transformational change is rarely a new system, product, client or strategy but rather the data and how it flows. The IKINDI KTier provides a powerful data management & integration tool that helps our clients manage complex change at a scalable cost.

It is a leading application and data integration platform designed specifically for Investment Managers. Employing a flexible and component-based architecture that is grounded on nimble business rules and industry best practices, The IKINDI KTier™ validates, enriches, and transforms data. It operates in a distributed environment and supports high levels of scalability, availability, reliability, redundancy and durability.


Intelligent Investment Data Highway in the Cloud

It’s both the quality of the Data and the process flows around that Data that makes that critical difference. The IKINDI KTier™ provides clients with that edge of data timeliness and accuracy to inform key decision-making on a faster, more reliable and better-informed basis.

K-Tier K-Tier K-Tier

Rules-based design gives business experts the power to model processes, define how calculations are handled and incorporate new calculations or actions as needed.

Graphical User Interface makes rule maintenance easy. Apply new rules or modify current rule sets. Test changes and implement – on the fly or when you choose.

Standard Industry Analytics Libraries contain the underlying securities calculations and schedules. Focus on the rules underlying your business, not re-writing calculations.

Query Engine assembles data elements from the range of sources already in place at your firm. Retrieve data across disparate databases. Leverage your investment in data sources.

Exceptions Management continuously improves your data integration capabilities. Resolve exceptions immediately and maintain clean data input streams.

What Our Clients & Partners Say...

The IKINDI Team offers a unique blend of skillsets in the increasingly complex world of investment management data management and integration. Our shop leveraged its talent to deploy The IKINDI KTier™ tool to satisfy challenging business requirements encompassing data integration, reconciliation, validation and enrichment from multiple sources. Our Subject Matter Experts “get it” and have the experience in both public and private markets asset class project implementations.

Top Fortune 500 Company

Our two companies work well together," says Oren Rosen, CEO Cougar Software. "IKINDI provides specialized project management and the use of its KTier™ platform to verify data integrity, and Cougar brings to the table our leading edge client-agnostic API, subject matter expertise and our financial modeling solution in the cloud. Together we have a winning team,
and I look forward to continuing to build a strong relationship to the
benefit of our mutual clients."

"This partnership brings intrinsic value to IKINDI and Cougar and,
most importantly, to our mutual clients," adds Fouad Habboub, CEO IKINDI. "Cougar offers a rich portfolio modeling solution, deep real estate investment expertise, and market leadership. IKINDI provides an innovative and nimble data integration platform, extensive middle office expertise, and a quality track record in the investment management space. Together we bring innovative change in the real estate investment industry which is ground-breaking and full of exciting potential for our clients. The integrated IKINDI-MRI/Cougar solution is positioned to accelerate client deployment in a cost-effective way and to maximize client ROI through increased enterprise-wide utilization. I look forward to our combined winning team working closely together to advance these capabilities for our clients and the real estate investment industry as a whole.

Oren Rosen, CEO, MRI Cougar Software, Toronto, Canada

IKINDI has great focus on getting things done, and getting it done well.

Top Fortune 500 Company

IKINDI helped us achieve 60% reduction in headcount as a direct result of exception based reporting validation controls pre and post load via the 'Outsource Provider’s' extracts into Barclays Point, Wilshire Atlas

Top Fortune 500 Company

IKINDI helped us achieve exception based reporting for post calculation returns (e.g Tracking Error)

Top Fortune 500 Company

IKINDI identified inconsistencies within the [Outsource Provider’s] standard extracts on a daily basis.

Top Fortune 500 Company

Use of IKINDI ensured data consistency across all performance platforms.

Top Fortune 500 Company

IKINDI afforded us the opportunity to go from Monthly Performance and Attribution to Daily, inclusive of full transparency into breaks on a daily basis and substantiated in basis points.

Top Fortune 500 Company

Use of IKINDI allowed the staff on board to spend more time on decision support functions. This led to enhanced relations with the Front Office.

Top Fortune 500 Company

IKINDI played a significant part in helping us achieve a consolidated data warehouse for performance returns for internal, external and GIPS reporting with automated QA.

Top Fortune 500 Company

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