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Complex Data Validation

FACT:  Major infrastructure change projects WILL experience difficult data validation challenges which WILL delay UAT and go-live sign-off WITH costly repercussions for all parties.

The client firm will think their data is correct

The client partner firm will think their data is correct

But bitter experience tells us all there WILL be critical validation differences

In particularly when it comes to supporting functions that need time periods, calculations, methodologies, benchmark and indices alignment+ taken into account:

Both parties will think they can bridge the data validation gap by building a quick throw-away reconciliation tool.  They’ll be wrong.  Significant investment is needed in terms of time, people and money.  If the right investment is made it will cost too much and take too long. If a quick investment is made it will not be fit for purpose and will end up a wasted effort.


Be smart. Get ahead of the problem. Appoint an independent data validation expert solution BEFORE data validation gaps disrupt, delay or derail your critical infrastructure change projects at an enormous cost to all parties involved. Complex data validation plays a critical role in ensuring a smooth transition during major operational & infrastructure change. 

Talk to IKINDI.

IKINDI comprehensive service offering combines the power of KTier™, a cutting-edge cloud-based solution, with the expertise of our highly skilled Subject Matter Experts. Solving complex data validation gap problems with numerous benefits to our clients:


  •  Access to Expertise and Specialized Knowledge 
    • Engaging IKINDI brings immediate access to a team of experts with extensive experience in handling all types of data validation challenges. They are well-versed in complex performance and risk analytical data needs, compliance requirements, industry best practice, emerging trends et al. By leveraging their expertise, organizations can ensure comprehensive and accurate validation of their data during systems upgrades or migrations.

  •  Speed and Efficiency 
    • Systems upgrades and migrations usually come with tight timelines and deadlines. Engaging IKINDI allows you to leverage your established methodologies, tools and frameworks, resulting in faster and more efficient data validation processes. IKINDI has already built and refined a sophisticated data validation solution – KTier™ – which can be swiftly deployed to execute the necessary data validation tasks. This helps critical project timelines to be met and minimizes costly disruptions and delays.

  •  Cost Savings and Scalability 
    • Most things are possible if you throw enough money, people and time into the effort but who wants to develop their own in-house data analytics validation solution? This development would require significant investment in terms of resources, time and ongoing maintenance at the expense of a strategic investment for the firm. Engaging IKINDI eliminates the need for these upfront costs and allows you to leverage our infrastructure and resources. IKINDI offers flexible pricing models, allowing you to scale your data validation efforts based on your specific needs. This ensures cost and time savings and the ability to adapt as project requirements evolve (which they invariably do!)

  •  Reduced Internal Burden and Resource Allocation 
    • Building an in-house data validation solution requires organizations to allocate critical resources, including skilled developers, data experts and IT personnel. Engaging IKINDI relieves the burden on internal teams, enabling them to focus on their core competencies and strategic initiatives. This allows organizations to leverage external specialist resources without the need for extensive recruitment or training efforts, ensuring an optimal allocation of resources internally. IKINDI is an independent expert in this area.

  •  Access to KTier™ - Advanced Data Management Technology 
    • IKINDI has a highly advanced system – KTier™ to provide complex data validation capabilities. Gain access to this powerful system without the need for additional investment. KTier™ has an automated data validation engine, machine learning algorithms, and a data quality framework to ensure accurate and efficient validation of the most complex data such as historical performance. Avoid having to invest in this area which would be a throw-away for the firm.

  •  Independent Data Validation 
    • Essentially, every firm needs a specialist data validation solution, even if they don’t know it, but it’s only a specialist service provider – such as IKINDI – who’s willing and able to make that strategic investment in people, technology and time that results in a robust, scalable solution that works for now and for tomorrow. How many migrations, upgrades, conversions and outsourcing arrangements are disrupted and delayed, with fractious finger-pointing over data quality, for the want of a data validation solution that’s fit for purpose?

      KTier™ has been specifically designed for complex Middle Office data validation (to include historical performance and analytics).

      IKINDI has the solution to the data validation gap problem you will experience if you leave this critical area untended.

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