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icon_opchange Project Risk Mitigation

Although a software company, given our subject matter expertise IKINDI is often called in to assist when a project has become derailed with spiralling costs and extending deadlines.  We excel in these challenging environments and will help you get things back on track but you can save yourself a lot of pain and expense if you speak to us in the planning stages of your change project so we can help you manage complex change at an affordable and scalable cost.  We can help your Program Management Office liaise with your vendors in a tightly controlled and technical way, empowering your ability to integrate data from multiple sources to multiple destinations through the dynamic use of The IKINDI KTier™ – an intelligent investment data highway in the cloud.

Talk to IKINDI today about how our Project Management experts can work in a concentrated way to help get your Program Management Office back on track.

+1 (646) 472 5115