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icon_opchange Data Validation & Enrichment

Data integrity is critical to change.


Data Breaks & Differences => Data Distrust => System Distrust => Relationship Tension => Finger-Pointing => Go-Live Delays => Reputational Damage and $$$ Cost.  This all leads to anxiety and fear of change within the client firm and extreme frustration on the side of the vendor.


Avoid costly data validation pain points with the use of The IKINDI KTier™ – a ground-breaking  investment data integration management tool that enriches, validates, transforms, reconciles, spotlights and distributes data with quality, speed and efficiency. 

The IKINDI Dashboard™ brings a Centralized Operational Command & Control capability to the most complex data management function – freeing up your retained Middle Office resources to work on value-added data analytics and support of your Front Office with faster, reconciled data to inform key decision making.


  •  Rules-based design 
    • Gives business experts the power to model processes, define how calculations are handled and incorporate new calculations or actions as needed.

  •  Graphical User Interface 
    • Makes rule maintenance easy. Apply new rules or modify current rule sets. Test changes and implement – on the fly or when you choose.

  •  Standard Industry Analytics Libraries  
    • Contain the underlying securities calculations and schedules. Focus on the rules underlying your business, not re-writing calculations.

  •  Query Engine  
    • Assembles data elements from the range of sources already in place at your firm. Retrieve data across disparate databases. Leverage your investment in data sources.

  •  Exceptions Management 
    • Continuously improves your data integration capabilities. Resolve exceptions immediately and maintain clean data input streams.

It's all about the data

It's all about the data Read our Insights Article

+1 (646) 472 5115