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Performance analytics is the true test of quality, accurate data


IKINDI has extensive experience streamlining Performance, Risk and Attribution ‘PRAS’ implementations, reducing the time-to-live date and the cost of data assembly, validation, transformation and extraction. PRAS implementation projects, especially for Fixed Income, come with significant data demands – ensuring the quality of past transactions and holdings, gathering index data, and tracking corporate actions. Costs associated with these activities can swamp the costs of the underlying applications and place the overall project at risk.

IKINDI’s PRAS implementation solution brings the power of The IKINDI KTier™ platform, and its rules-based design, to cut through costly data assembly charges and helping to:

The IKINDI KTier™’s Rules Modules can also back-test and qualify holdings and transactions history for AIMR-PPS© or GIPS© Compliance projects. The IKINDI KTier™ solution gives business experts the tools to change rules as conditions change. Transformation or enrichment rules can be modified and deployed immediately. Calculations stay accurate and up to date. Exceptions are resolved in real time and the resolution introduced as a modified rule. Data passing from application to application remains clean. Your business flows smoothly.
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Analytics Data is Critical

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+1 (646) 472 5115