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KTier™ Historical Benchmark Case Study

Historical benchmarking of 3 x HY Indexes in 2014 with index information dated from December 29th, 2006. Target platform is leading Performance Risk and Analytics System (PRAS)

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‘Mission Impossible

without the POWER of KTIER

Bulk Loads

Validation / Comparisons & Identification Of Discrepancies

Making Adjustments Within Point To Bring Results In Line With Index

Client Results Achieved

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IKINDI is a FinTech organization with a unique & powerful investment data management cloud solution - The IKINDI KTIer™. We innovate continuously to deliver the best data integration and management solutions in the Asset Management industry resulting in The IKINDI KTIer™ which delivers a smart investment data highway in the cloud, along with the IKINDI Dashboard - a powerful operational 'data command & control' capability. We partner with our clients to make our solutions relevant, scalable and affordable. Our in-depth experience at successfully completing operational change initiatives in the most challenging business environments is demonstrated in these case studies.

+1 (646) 472 5115