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Data Validation – Early Inclusion is Vital


When organizations embark on conversion or data integration projects for new trading, performance, or accounting systems one crucial aspect often gets overlooked – data validation. In this blog post, we will emphasize the importance of addressing data validation from the very beginning of these projects. By understanding the significant challenges and delays that can arise from inadequate data validation, organizations can ensure a smoother, faster and more successful implementation.

Legacy Data Issues – The Hidden Problem

Many organizations mistakenly assume that their existing data is accurate and can be readily loaded into a new system. However, this assumption can lead to significant issues and delays. Data validation is a crucial step that needs to be prioritized right from the start of any project. By shining a light on this hidden problem, organizations can save time, resources, and prevent project setbacks.

Timely Identification of Challenges

One of the primary causes of delays in conversion and integration projects specific to money management firms is the presence of data that cannot be successfully converted or loaded into the new system. Unfortunately, this problem often goes unrecognized until the implementation phase. By addressing data validation as an early and essential step, money management firms can mitigate the following obstacles to success:

Value of Early Data Validation

To mitigate these challenges and ensure a successful conversion or integration for money management firms, it is crucial to prioritize data validation from the outset. By incorporating data validation as an integral part of the project plan, money management firms can experience significant benefits tailored to their specific needs:

Significance of Timely Data Validation

The success of conversion and integration projects for money management firms hinges on the critical timing of data validation. By recognizing the hidden problem of inadequate data validation and addressing it from the outset, organizations can prevent delays, mitigate challenges, and ensure a smoother implementation.

Data validation plays a pivotal role in identifying potential issues early on, allowing firms to proactively address data quality issues. By validating data before mapping and transformation, money management firms can ensure accurate data alignment, reducing errors in the new system. Furthermore, data validation enhances the integrity of converted or integrated data, providing more reliable and trustworthy information for informed decision-making.

Through early data validation, money management firms can improve project efficiency by avoiding costly time-consuming setbacks caused by data-related issues. By validating the quality and completeness of client data, for example, firms can prevent errors in fee calculations and ensure accurate billing, leading to a more efficient and timely project completion.


In conclusion, the comprehensive and timely validation of data is paramount in conversion and integration projects for money management firms. By prioritizing data validation from the very beginning, firms can overcome data inconsistencies, mapping complexities, data quality issues, and data dependencies on an early basis to allow for speeded up resolution for a faster and smoother implementation. This proactive approach helps firms to get to their target state on time, on budget and within their planned resourcing parameters.

Clean data is the foundation stone of the target state – it must be dealt with effectively from the very beginning or the project will be put at risk.


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