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Overcoming Data Challenges During Analytics System Migration – Client Success Story

Background: Our client, a prominent global money management firm, ranks among the top 10 in the industry with AUM exceeding USD 4.5 trillion. The company offers comprehensive investment management, research, and trading services to institutional investors worldwide.

Challenge: This firm encountered a significant challenge during the migration of their Portfolio, Risk, Index & Analytics System (PRIAS) – validating their extensive historical data. Due to their size, the volume of historical data was very large (over 800 portfolios with 2-11 years of historical data). Given their data-analytical roles, the business users insisted on comprehensive validation rather than sampling, while strict time and budget constraints added further pressure on all concerned. Despite attempts with solutions from their PRIAS vendor and internal resources, the firm recognized a serious data validation gap and sought our expertise to establish a robust validation workstream of historical data. 

Solution: Engaging our validation services, IKINDI turned this around and the client successfully addressed their historical data validation needs. Our team of experts swiftly established a cloud-based historical validation workstream tailored to their requirements. Leveraging our powerful KTier™ cloud-based solution, we provided actionable validation output, facilitating seamless analysis, review, and resolution between the client and their PRIAS vendor. Our automated approach efficiently handled the extensive historical data volume, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This enabled a successful migration conversion, ultimately securing timely sign-off from the business stakeholders.

Implementation: Our specialists seamlessly deployed KTier™ between the PRIAS source and destination systems, facilitating automated data acquisition and delivery. Aligned with the overall migration timeline, we generated validated output and collaborated closely with the client and their PRIAS vendor to ensure a streamlined review and resolution process. In addition, our implementation process encompassed providing the client with comprehensive analytics and case management capabilities (via KTier™), empowering them with critical oversight of their PRIAS vendor. 

Results and Impact: Through our validation services, the client effectively mitigated the risk of failure in the migration of historical data. They earned the hard-won trust of the business stakeholders, ensuring uninterrupted operations and averting potential business disruptions. IKINDI’s expertise and the KTier™ solution were critical contributors to our client’s successful system migration and conversion, empowering them with the necessary data assurance and control to secure vital user sign-off. 

Testimonial: “The IKINDI team understand our business and vendors in addition to having the domain expertise and the product to scale. Their validation service is an enabler and multiplier of successful system migrations and conversions.” – Top 10 Client 

By partnering with IKINDI, our client achieved a seamless migration of historical data with validated data integrity and optimized operational efficiency.  Creating a win-win for both the client & the PRIAS vendor.

Client Success Story

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