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Transformational change is hard – early inclusion of an independent data validation service provider reduces client onboarding risks


The most painful part of Middle-Office outsourcing for both Vendor & Client is getting to the actual live cross-over date. This date is typically delayed and further delayed due to unresolved data differences between legacy systems and the new environment.

These delays cause migration costs to rocket, critical resources to be compromised, other business opportunities to be delayed for both parties, and a concern about key data quality before the Middle Office functions ever migrate.

These challenges put a lot of strain on both parties and frequently cause finger-pointing issues over who has the ‘clean data’. The IKINDI team experienced this difficult situation directly when they worked in the business and brought this expertise to bear to develop The IKINDI KTier™ smart investment data highway in the cloud with:

The IKINDI KTier™ solution provides clients with that edge of data timeliness and accuracy to inform key decision-making on a faster, better-informed basis. It is developed by IT & Ops SMEs drawn from Investment Management and Technology domains. We know buy-side and sell-side systems alike and we’ve streamlined Front Office, Middle Office and Back Office operations. We fully understand Performance, Risk & Attribution and intimately know the challenges of producing accurate reporting to internal and external entities as well as re-engineering the reporting process.

With The IKINDI KTier™ your business can:
Knowledge Dashboard™        Multiple Process Steps Tracked  ►
Process Visibility & Transparency  ►

Executable Jobs for each Process     Tasks / Steps to Complete  ►
Process Automation  ►

Status of Job / Cycle Executions  ►
Production Cycle Calendar   ►

Source, Intermediate and Final Reconciliation  ►
Data File Status  ►

Production Cycle     Success, Failure, Time to Completion   ►
Job Completion Status  ►

Avoiding Downstream Data and Reporting Errors  ►
Zero-in on Exceptions and Reasons   ►

Without having to Re-Extract Data  ►
Job Re-Execution after Issues are Resolved  ►

Foundational Requirement in Enterprise Environment   ►
Audit Trail Log of Data, Delivery, Execution  ►

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Early Data Validation is Critical

Early Data Validation is Critical Read our blog

+1 (646) 472 5115