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“It’s all about the data.”


Intelligent Investment Data Highway

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Intelligent Investment Data Highway


We make conversions & data integration between systems happen faster with accurate data – That’s it.

Sounds easy but it’s not. Avoid data migration & conversion disruptions with high-cost delays. Include IKINDI in your project plan.

Provision of accurate, enriched, timely data makes superior investment analytics possible – a critical Middle Office function in support of the Front Office. Outsource Service Providers must meet this high and complex standard for final conversion sign-off. This can include Historical Performance; Different Periods | Calculations | Methodologies | Alignment with Benchmarks & Indices | Post-Migration Data Validation.

Get Proven Expert Independent Affordable Automated Support for your Data Migration.

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"Superior analytics exposes bad data."

Avoid the painful & complex challenge of data validation gaps which will hold up your migration project causing costly delays and operational instability for all parties. Sample reasons for differences which affect critical analytics data include:

- Market Value due to FX source
- Dirty vs Clean Prices
- Price Source Issues
- Incomplete SMF
- Incorrect SMF
- Multi Vendor SMFs
- Legacy Data Issues Unresolved
- Historical Performance Issues
- Benchmark & Indices Non-Alignment
- Incorrect Calculations & Methodologies
- Unusable Data for Analytical Functions

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Middle Office Outsourcing

The IKINDI KTier™ is a critically valuable tool for migrations and conversions enabling efficient client onboarding with legacy data validation, reconciliation and migration as well as ongoing BAU data management & control. This powerful SME designed tool informs key decision-making and investment analytics through timely, accurate & enriched reporting of validated data to include historical performance.

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The IKINDI KTier™ is a smart investment data highway in the cloud providing automated data management, integration & validation tools with ‘Command & Control’ dashboards and built-in industry adaptors. It automates multi-asset-class business process data flows right through to Gold Copy Master Data Management & Validation. It’s fast, affordable, reliable, secure and highly scalable.

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Our Expertise

The most difficult aspect of operational change is rarely a new system, product, client or strategy but rather the data - how it gets validated and how it flows. The IKINDI KTier™ provides a powerful data management & integration tool that helps our clients manage complex operational change with fully reconciled data at an affordable cost.

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