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Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

As a minority-owned business, we at IKINDI are acutely aware of the importance of cultivating a diverse and inclusive work environment where every individual is treated with dignity and respect. We believe in providing equal opportunities for employment, development and advancement without discrimination based on age, color, disability status, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, race or religion.

We recognize that by embracing DEI, it’s not only the right thing to do but also beneficial for our clients, industry and society as a whole. It’s also beneficial for the wellbeing of our employees and the ongoing development of our business.

In support of further progressing our DEI culture:

DEI truly matters. There is room for everyone to thrive. IKINDI is proud to be proof of this and never takes it for granted.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Peter Drucker (2006)


The IKINDI team is passionate about giving back to society and to our local communities.  Here is a mix of some of the great global and local organizations and causes we are proud to support:

  •  United Nations Millenium Goals 
  •  World Vision 
  •  Episcopal Relief and Development 
  •  CARE 
    • www.care.org Facilitates sustainable change to the people most vulnerable to hunger, violence and disease; aims to cut poverty off at its roots.

  •  Project HOPE 
    • www.projecthope.org Delivers essential medicines and supplies, health expertise and medical training to respond to disaster, prevent disease, promote wellness and save lives around the globe.

  •  Nature Conservancy 
    • nature.org Tackles critical conservation issues and makes a positive impact on conservation around the globe.

  •  The Forget Me Nots Organisation 
    • www.forgetmenots.ie An inclusive community choir for older people, family, friends and neighbours with a special welcome for those affected by dementia and memory loss. A regulated charity in Ireland No 20144661.

+1 (646) 472 5115