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Middle Office Data Integration & Data Management Solutions

Get Operational Command & Control Over Your Data


IKINDI’s data management & control system – KTier™ – was built specifically by Middle Office experts for the Middle Office. These functional areas include:


It can be leveraged across all asset types from Traditional to Alternatives – providing a powerful and economical data integration and management tool that is also customizable for each unique business.

Temporary project deployment of KTier™ helps facilitate timely Middle Office outsourcing migrations and other complex operational change events where the success (or failure) of the project revolves around the quality of the data and how it flows.


Post conversion,  KTier™ can be deployed to provide a robust Data Governance & Regulatory Oversight dashboard KPI & KRI monitoring capability as functions can be outsourced but not the regulatory responsibility for those functions.

  •  Transformational Operational Change 
    • Every business strives to provide greater value to its clients and stakeholders by continuously working to reduce operational overhead, leverage its strengths, and enhance its product/service offering.  In the Asset Management business this has led to an increasing use of strategic alliances and partnerships, and to key acquisitions and divestitures – all of which cause transformational operational change within the firm.

      Transformational change is extremely painful as it needs to happen in parallel with a very busy and already complex day-to-day environment.  Frequently businesses under-estimate the workload involved in making this change happen, particularly with regard to data validation – focusing prematurely on infrastructure optimization or the future savings expected.  As the project advances the data validation and business flow issues start to raise their ugly heads, invariably causing serious cost and time overruns – sometimes measured in years with the enormous cost and operational instability this brings.

      Talk to IKINDI today to get best independent advice on your data integration challenges.
  •  Systems Integration 
    • As businesses grow and change, and as systems solutions become more specialized and scalable within their specialty area, Asset Management companies are increasingly integrating best-of-breed niche systems solutions into their infrastructure platform rather than trying to build specialized systems functionality in-house.

      The work of the IT and Operations teams is focused more on the successful integration of these applications and on the ongoing management and control of data flows, with the need for a powerful middleware tool to automate and streamline this otherwise highly manual process which is prone to failure.  

      This is where IKINDI’s KTier™ platform can help.
  •  Product Innovation 
    • Asset Management companies are constantly evaluating their performance and their product mix to ensure they are positioned for strategic growth and retention of hard-won client mandates.  Firms innovate and introduce new strategies and models which require changes to data and business flows.

      This type of change requires nimble data integration solutions that can enrich, validate, reconcile and distribute data on the fastest turn-around time possible to gain a competitive advantage.  

      The IKINDI KTier™ FinTech solution provides a dynamic, flexible and scalable data integration, validation and management tool enabling a much faster and reliable path


      Data => Analytics => Informed Decision Making
  •  Reporting 
    • We’ve all experienced the implementation of a brand new system that has taken months and sometimes years to deploy, and often at a very high cost, only to find that the data is stale or inaccurate, creating a large manual burden to ensure quality reporting.

      This can create a distrust of the new system and a debilitating slowness for Portfolio Managers and other business units to adopt.  Costs continue to mount while the new system remains unused and senior management get more and more frustrated regarding the shifting live date.

      IKINDI’s expert team is drawn from key positions in the Asset Management business and can help a firm deploy use of The IKINDI KTier™ system which provides dynamic power and controls to collect, cleanse, enrich, validate and distribute complex data (to include historical performance analytics) so that only clean timely data reaches the business with exceptions being exposed for research and reconciliation much earlier in the business flow chain.  

      IKINDI enables businesses to optimize their highly automated systems solutions without the risk or overhead of manual workarounds.
  •  Outsourcing Oversight 
    • Asset Management companies have become more discerning about what could and should be outsourced and what should be retained in-house from either a control or Intellectual Property perspective. 

      The IKINDI KTier ™ empowers firms with at-a-glance oversight control of outsourced functions through SLA/KPI monitoring & escalation, helping to support critical data governance & regulatory oversight functions.

Data Validation is Foundational

Data Validation is Foundational Read a case study

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