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The IKINDI KTier™ FinTech solution in the cloud is the first data integration platform for Investment Managers which provides a powerful Operational Command & Control capability – IKINDI Dashboard™.  This dashboard provides process visibility & transparency so every stage of data integration can be managed and controlled by your Middle Office team – empowering your business environment, informing key Front Office decision-making, reducing your operational overhead and promoting automated business flows in the most complex investment environments.

KTier™ is particularly useful for complex migration projects such as operational outsourcing, operational reorganization due to e.g. an acquisition, or a system migration. Deploying KTier™ avoids having to develop otherwise throwaway, but critical, data validation software to enable a successful conversion with UAT and sign-off from key users (eg Portfolio Managers, Performance & Risk Analysts)




Knowledge Dashboard™        Multiple Process Steps Tracked  ►
Process Visibility & Transparency  ►

Executable Jobs for each Process     Tasks / Steps to Complete  ►
Process Automation  ►

Status of Job / Cycle Executions  ►
Production Cycle Calendar   ►

Source, Intermediate and Final Reconciliation  ►
Data File Status  ►

Production Cycle     Success, Failure, Time to Completion   ►
Job Completion Status  ►

Avoiding Downstream Data and Reporting Errors  ►
Zero-in on Exceptions and Reasons   ►

Without having to Re-Extract Data  ►
Job Re-Execution after Issues are Resolved  ►

Foundational Requirement in Enterprise Environment   ►
Audit Trail Log of Data, Delivery, Execution  ►

IKINDI innovates to keep KTier™ the premium data integration and management system for Asset Managers.  Our expert team comes from the business, designs for the business and works in the business.  With the deployment of The IKINDI KTier™ and its IKINDI Dashboard™ you can expect to achieve the following simplification and streamlining of your data flows with all of the efficiency, integrity and controls this brings to your business.




KTier™ Data Speed & Accuracy

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+1 (646) 472 5115