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At IKINDI we partner with our clients from project planning to user acceptance to ensure a smooth rollout of The IKINDI KTier™ solution for efficient data management & integration using its smart investment data highway in the cloud. The IKINDI KTier™ is a FinTech application and data integration platform with a business rules-based technology engine at its core. This ensures integrity, accuracy and timeliness of data, promotes speedy integration of ever-changing business requirements, and facilitates rapid implementation. It is particularly useful in the following critical areas for Asset Managers:

The IKINDI KTier™ offers quick implementation and on-demand web-enabled subscriptions resulting in lower run rates for our Clients. Whether multi asset-class or specialized such as Real Estate, The IKINDI KTier™ provides the one-stop-solution you need to manage & control your investment data or to deploy s part of a major operational change project such as Middle Office OUtsourcing.

Knowledge Dashboard™        Multiple Process Steps Tracked  ►
Process Visibility & Transparency  ►

Executable Jobs for each Process     Tasks / Steps to Complete  ►
Process Automation  ►

Status of Job / Cycle Executions  ►
Production Cycle Calendar   ►

Source, Intermediate and Final Reconciliation  ►
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Avoiding Downstream Data and Reporting Errors  ►
Zero-in on Exceptions and Reasons   ►

Without having to Re-Extract Data  ►
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Foundational Requirement in Enterprise Environment   ►
Audit Trail Log of Data, Delivery, Execution  ►

+1 (646) 472 5115