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Data Consolidation Case Study

A leading Fortune 100 financial services firm with $450B+ AUM, considered the top provider of retirement services nationwide to non-profit organizations.


To improve the accuracy, timeliness and consistency of information distributed across the organization, the Client is consolidating a large number of disparate internal and external data sources – each with their own deficiencies – into one central data warehouse.  Interim solutions had to be developed in collaboration with Operations.  Oversight and project management was needed for work streams that have been established to define the technical solution’s long-term as well as short-term requirements.  A Test Plan had to be developed in addition to coordinating the user acceptance testing with the various work streams.  IT functional requirements and deliverables had to be monitored and reviewed.

IKINDI Solution:

IKINDI provided project management, business requirements analysis and definition, leadership in user acceptance testing, and the required interface with IT and business management.


IKINDI’s solution, in particular project management and leadership in user acceptance testing, contributed to the successful deployment of Phase 1 of two tactical solutions involving various external data sources resulting in:

IKINDI delivered significant improvements and efficiencies at a scaleable cost with lasting solutions offering great value to the firm.

Case Studies

IKINDI is a FinTech organization with a unique & powerful investment data management cloud solution - The IKINDI KTIer™. We innovate continuously to deliver the best data integration and management solutions in the Asset Management industry resulting in The IKINDI KTIer™ which delivers a smart investment data highway in the cloud, along with the IKINDI Dashboard - a powerful operational 'data command & control' capability. We partner with our clients to make our solutions relevant, scalable and affordable. Our in-depth experience at successfully completing operational change initiatives in the most challenging business environments is demonstrated in these case studies.

+1 (646) 472 5115