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Barclays POINT – 5 Steps to Transition

December 16, 2015

Bloomberg to Acquire Barclays Risk Analytics and Index Solutions Business

Bloomberg L.P. announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Barclays Risk Analytics and Index Solutions Ltd. (“BRAIS”), a leading provider of benchmark and strategy indices, portfolio analytics, risk and attribution models, and portfolio construction tools. BRAIS’s benchmark indices span global markets covering multiple asset classes, most notably the Barclays Family of Aggregate Bond Indices.

“As financial markets continue to evolve, our clients need and expect the index business to evolve too,” said Michael R. Bloomberg. “Combining the market-leading Barclays indices and their superb team with our data management, analytics and distribution will provide more independence, liquidity and transparency to the marketplace, improve industry innovation and further meet the diverse needs of our global client base.”

Read the full announcement here

The IKINDI KTier™ helps asset management companies prepare for POINT alternatives over the next 18 months through the following key stages:

  1. POINT Leverage – Maximize the life of POINT while this costly service is still a part of your infrastructure
  2. POINT Alternatives – Determine current usage dependence & alternatives evaluation and selection
  3. POINT Migration – The migration path through operational processes & procedures, transitional sandbox comparison for data integration and data management, Parallel and Go-Live date
  4. The IKINDI Ktier™ FinTech Data Management Solution in the cloud
  5. Future Environment – Enterprise Reporting Platform ‘ERP’ framework

Providing a solution that solves a relentless investment data validation requirement with all of its complexities and nuances is the critical value IKINDI offers with KTier™.

Download your copy of the product sheet:

IKINDI KTier™ Solution for Barclays POINT Transition


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