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Business Case: Investment Data Highway for Asset Managers

Much of the middle-office operational infrastructure has grown up organically and is hard to maintain. It is also expensive and error prone.

With new asset classes, new vendors emerging, new sources of input data, new regulatory mandates, more stringent risk management & performance attribution, and more demanding client reporting, accurate and timely data is a clearly a critical success factor.


Enter the Investment Data Highway for Asset Managers

As we outlined in our earlier post, a successful solution is predicated on leveraging existing, pre-built assets with a fintech intelligent investment data highway. This delivers a reliable and scalable infrastructure to meet middle-office operational requirements.



Yet, just centralizing data (from multiple data sources) in a data warehouse is not enough. It is critical to centralize and automate the operational processes that sit between the data stores and the target systems. A complete and scalable middle-office function is the purpose of an Intelligent Investment Data Highway for asset managers.


The Business Case: The 3 Drivers for an Investment Data Highway for Asset Managers

While the need for an intelligent investment data highway is evident, to ensure buy-in, it helps to clarify the business case for this and for automating asset management operations.

There are 3 drivers: 

1.    Financial

Reduce Internal IT Risks & Costs.

Purchasing capabilities from a vendor should bring the following benefits:

Financial Costs


2.    Operational

Reduced Operational Risks


3.    Market

Better Portfolio Construction


The Business Case is Clear

An Investment Data Highway for Asset Managers offers a reliable and scalable infrastructure to meet middle-office operational requirements leveraging existing pre-built assets for the benefit of the Portfolio Management teams. Strong, automated data management and integration directly supports better informed and more timely asset management decision-making.

Learn more about IKINDI’s Investment Data Highway Solutions for asset managers.

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