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1st Data Integration Product ‘Adaptor’ for Bloomberg PORT

This week IKINDI announced its “1st data integration product ‘Adaptor’ for Bloomberg PORT – streamlining & automating Performance Risk & Attribution (PRA) for Asset Managers.

The category-making enterprise data integration product is critically timed for asset managers migrating from the sunsetting Barclays POINT to Bloomberg PORT and/or other POINT alternative/s.”

PRAS Data Integration ‘Product’ Adaptor

IKINDI CEO Fouad Habboub commented “IKINDI’s PRAS data integration adaptor for Bloomberg PORT is part of our product roadmap, which already supports Barclays POINT, to create out-of-the-box adaptors to support multiple PRA systems. (e.g., BlackRock Aladdin, FactSet, UBS Delta) where the client can have the option to select their specific PRAS data integration product(s).”

IKINDI is working with clients migrating from POINT by applying its 5-step process for evaluating and validating PORT and/or alternative systems before migration. This includes a sandbox pilot to test and reconcile the models of alternative systems with real client data, historical data migration and automated data mapping.

The full release announcement can be accessed Here.
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