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Stress testing a new normal for investors. Growing reliance on Performance, Risk & Attribution systems ‘PRAS’.

Sophie Baker’s article in Pension & Investment Stress Testing a new normal for investors, published February 6, 2017, is another reminder for clients on their reliance on robust PRAS systems. With the unpredictability in the markets today and an emphasis on scenario testing expected to grow as Brexit and other transformational changes evolve, firms will need to analyse their data across a number of changing scenarios on a timely basis and with a reliance on data accuracy thus creating a greater reliance on the use of PRAS systems by the Front Office & Risk departments.

‘Garbage in – garbage out’ – the reliability of the data is critical to scenario stress-testing that can be trusted. IKINDI offers an intelligent data highway with operational command and control functionality to allow efficient management and reconciliation of accurate, timely data from any source to any source with customizable testing criteria.

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+1 (646) 472 5115