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IKINDI Unveils Addition of FactSet Adaptor to IKINDI KTier™ Data Integration Product

Monday, February 20 2017

To facilitate migration from sunsetting Barclays POINT, and following on from the out-of-the-box adaptor for Bloomberg PORT already announced, IKINDI unveils the release of its latest out-of-the-box adaptor for the FactSet platform.

The addition of the FactSet adaptor is part of IKINDI’s on-going product roadmap to expand support for the major Performance, Risk, & Attribution platforms (PRAS) – giving clients wider coverage through the operational stand-up of their selected PRAS(s) POINT replacement.

“We are excited to integrate another major platform such as FactSet into the KTier™ product offering,” says Fouad Habboub CEO of IKINDI. “Expanding on the integration of major PRAS platforms enables our clients not only to lower their POINT migration risk considering the tight sunset timelines, but also to reduce the cost of the operational stand-up of their PRAS(s) replacement. Clients have the option to buy at a lower and much more scalable cost than building yet another internal integration infrastructure patch.”

IKINDI is working with clients migrating from POINT by applying its 5-step process for evaluating and validating PORT, FactSet and/or alternative systems before migration. This includes a sandbox pilot to test and reconcile the models of alternative systems with real client data, historical data migration and automated operational workflow.

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+1 (646) 472 5115