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IKINDI supportive of emerging technologies such as Blockchain

“If you haven’t already, start to build your knowledge of data governance and emerging technologies and particularly as it relates to the real estate industry. An effective approach to data governance starts with a standardized approach to data before you can implement blockchain or other emerging technologies”.

OSCRE’s (Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate) Data Governance in Real Estate program is underway. Academy registrants include peers and professionals from a diverse group of organizations – corporate real estate, investment management, government, service providers, consultants and software firms. They have multiple roles and come from many countries around the world. Some organizations are putting large groups of team members through the program at the same time to give their data governance programs a boost with an easy to access learning program”.

OSCRE Academy Launched and Building Momentum – OSCRE July 2017 E News  www.oscre.org

IKINDI CEO, Fouad Habboub, is proud to sit on the board of OSCRE and help promote and support progressive standardization of industry data to enable improved data governance and data management capabilities in this important sector.



Blog posts and articles that provide insights and IKINDI perspectives on Fintech cloud data management solutions.

+1 (646) 472 5115