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Is Your Barclays Point Replacement Operationally Ready?

Investment Managers, by now you’ve made your Barclays POINT alternative decision (PORT or other) and are transitioning to the replacement system. BUT you are leaving the HISTORICAL DATA migration and reconciliation piece behind because it’s an enormous challenge that is not part of the stand-up service your POINT alternative offers.


Likely POINT has been a fixture at your firm for a decade or more, and you have years of historical holdings or transactions-based data, perhaps performance data too.  To the extent that your company wants to preserve its POINT history, this needs to be a primary transitional concern.


POINT is well known for the sophistication of its risk and attribution models, which come with a hefty price in terms of the detailed nature of the data it requires.  It’s simply not possible to feed all this data into a completely different model and expect the same results.  if you’re moving over years of historical holdings or transactions-based data, you’re literally going to be re-writing history.

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The volume of historical data itself raises issues and stands to amplify the reconciliation matter.  If your company intends to overwrite analytics in the new system, there has to be an organized process and you must have the tools in place to ensure this is done correctly the first time.  Consider for a second just a handful of issues surrounding overriding analytics for more than fifty portfolios, containing perhaps tens of thousands of assets, every day for ten or more years.


Doing it after the fact can be perilous. Perhaps that is your company’s plan:  pull everything possible out of POINT and store it somewhere until a new system is in place. At first glance this seems like a low-risk, sober approach to handling the history. It presents some unique challenges including the need for a data warehouse, testing prior to archival and dealing with complications you cannot yet foresee will arise in the process.  This begs the question of how much work you’re really saving yourself. since there is disproportionately more time involved in doing the first load (mappings, file configuration issues, etc.) than there is in the rest of the history.


Managers involved in the problem of POINT historical data must work to aggressively identify and bring tools and resources to bear against these problems, with the full expectation that several complications they cannot yet foresee will arise in the process.


The clock is ticking.


IKINDI has an automated, out of the box solution to help with the migration of historical data to the Point replacement system. Value-priced and proven, IKINDI is assisting a number of blue-chip investment managers with their transition from POINT.  Our solution offers:
Ensure business continuity in your POINT data migration with IKINDI 
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