Fouad Habboub, IKINDI CEO, was installed as the newly elected Chairman of OSCRE International at its Annual Meeting February 22nd in Orlando, Florida. Oscar International
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IKINDI CEO Fouad Habboub named Board Chairman for OSCRE International

Fouad Habboub, IKINDI CEO, was installed as the newly elected Chairman of OSCRE International, whose mission is  Global Real Estate Data Exchange Standards, at its Annual Meeting February 22nd in Orlando, Florida


“OSCRE’s Board is an extraordinary group of experienced industry professionals and I look forward to serving with them, said newly elected chairman Fouad Habboub, CEO of IKINDI. “As emerging technologies continue to advance at an accelerated pace, OSCRE is well-positioned to provide the real estate data standards tools needed to transition to a digital world. Real estate standards are more relevant than ever before in building an effective data governance framework for implementing emerging technologies,” said Habboub.    Read full announcement.




IKINDI Inc. is a FinTech leader in enterprise investment data integration and data management solutions in the cloud. The IKINDI KTier™ provides an innovative two-way, rules-based data engine that is organized around centralized operational ‘command & control’ processes.  It is agnostic to investment product type, system, data source and vendor thus ‘turning the verticals’ so a streamlined, automated approach can be scaled for enterprise-wide data integration and data management functionality. This includes key alternative strategies such as Real Estate investments.


About OSCRE International


OSCRE International is a collaboration of organizations and individualfocused on the development and implementation of real estate standards. For more than 15 years, we’ve  shared your vision and commitment to build high performance organizations, bringing digital information together from multiple sources and platforms.It’s an approach that covers the entire lifecycle of an asset or investment that improves data quality, transparency and data governance.  OSCRE Standards enable information to be shared and analyzed within organizations, between business partners and around the world.


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