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Barclays POINT Transition – Do you have a plan?

You probably saw it, the Cutter & Associates Strategy Article, that is about a future without Barclays POINT which is being acquired by Bloomberg.  (For more information on Bloomberg’s acquisition of Barclays POINT, see previous IKINDI post.)

“Until the deal officially closes, it is a waiting game to hear what Bloomberg has to say” … about what POINT functionality will be migrated to PORT, Bloomberg’s own risk and analytics tool. The report goes on to ask: “But can you afford to wait…to understand what functionality will be supported by Bloomberg and ready in 18 months?”

Barclays POINT is “ubiquitous” in Fixed Income Asset Management and “deeply embedded in the investment process” according to Cutter & Associates.  So it goes without saying that the coming POINT sunset represents a seismic operational change for asset managers.  How can you plan for this seismic change with so many unanswered questions surrounding Bloomberg PORT’s ability to meet this critical functionality?  Even if you choose a different alternative to PORT or a mix of alternatives to achieve what you need, significant operational change is a certainty.

Do you have a plan for this change?  What can you plan for now, for 6 months and 12 months from now


IKINDI FinTech Cloud Data Management has a solution – KTier™ —

that prepares asset management companies for Barclays POINT Transition over the coming 18 months and fully optimizes the use of POINT in this interim period to the benefit of the firm.  This transition can be POINT>PORT or POINT>Many depending on your use of POINT.  IKINDI’s KTier™ also provides firms with a framework for enhanced system-agnostic global enterprise reporting, leveraging the ‘Intelligent Investment Data Highway’ functionality KTier™ provides – and all of this at a highly scalable cost in the cloud.


The IKINDI KTier™ 5-Step Solution for Barclays POINT Transition.

1.) POINT Leverage – Maximize the life of POINT while this costly service is still a part of your infrastructure

2.) POINT Alternatives – Determine current usage dependence & alternatives evaluation and selection

3.) POINT Migration – The migration path through operational processes & procedures, transitional sandbox comparison for data integration and data management, Parallel and Go-Live date.

4.) The IKINDI KTier™ Solution – IKINDI’s transitional FinTech Data Cloud Management Solution.

5.) Service offering. Future Environment – Enterprise Reporting Platform ‘ERP’ framework


Providing a reliable, scalable and affordable solution that solves a relentless investment data validation requirement with all of its complexities, urgency and nuances is the critical value IKINDI offers with KTier™.  Replacing POINT will be an intensive data management, integration and validation exercise for asset managers regardless of which system or systems you choose.

Download your copy of the product sheet below.   And contact us for a demo.





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