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Data, Cloud, Emerging Tech Investment – Improve Insights/Drive Growth

New Research Reveals Buy-Side Firms Investment in Data, Cloud and Emerging Tech to Improve Insights and Drive Growth

67% of firms to adopt public cloud within the next five years

Sapient Consulting, Boston has announced the results of their research survey which can be read in more detail in their July 12, Boston, USA press release here.

IKINDI fully supports this research. We are a FinTech organization with a unique & powerful investment data management cloud solution – The IKINDI KTIer™ data highway. We innovate continuously to deliver the best data integration and management solutions in the Asset Management industry and partner with our clients to make our solutions relevant, scalable and affordable.



Blog posts and articles that provide insights and IKINDI perspectives on Fintech cloud data management solutions.

+1 (646) 472 5115