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icon_opchange Barclays POINT Transition

Ensure business continuity in your POINT migration over the coming months with IKINDI KTier™ Data Integration ‘Adaptors’ for Performance Risk & Attribution. Sunsetting the 20-year old POINT —  deployed in hundreds of asset management companies and likely used and depended upon by countless people in each company — represents a seismic operational change , highly prone to risk and error. The challenges to surmount, which are many, all in the limited 18-month POINT support window, include:

How IKINDI can help

Partner with IKINDI to evaluate and test alternatives to POINT.  Then validate & migrate to a new platform using KTier™ Data Integration Adaptor (for PORT, FactSet and/or other platforms) providing streamlined, scalable operational automation in the cloud. The KTier™ PRAS Adaptor is a new category-making product breakthrough on the highly manual, error-prone approaches that are costly to maintain, difficult to leverage and impossible to scale for a dynamic business environment.

Five-Step Process

  1. SANDBOX PILOT to evaluate and stress test alternatives with real client data
  2. VALIDATION of chosen platform
  3. MIGRATION of historical data
  5. DATA HUB for pre and post transition data

Expert IKINDI support through transition empowers your Middle Office, in the process leaving your company with an integrated reconciliation capability and a global enterprise reporting framework to further scale your business post migration. Learn more!  Register for a Briefing and Demo

+1 (646) 472 5115